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Reuben Piet

My area of focus: using nature as a mirror, base to draw forth Personal and Group-Potential/Development. This includes a whole range of Experiential based Activities… Teambuilding, Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Nature based Ceremonies – Rite of Passage and Visions Quests, Group Facilitation, Customized Courses, Urban PermaCulture and Personal Resilience Courses. Short…


Alpine Roses Full Moon VisionQuest

The solo period of this vision quest takes you to a vast rocky landscape open to the west and south, with waterfalls, breathtaking views, secret crevices, hiding places, gnarled tree-grandparents, in a land of shapes and colors … where you will face the star-filled nights of the July new moon!…


Andreas Föhr

born 1965, gardener, social pedagogue, since 2015 VisionQuest-Guide, trained at CreaVista, since 2014 own offers:  https://www.herzens-anliegen.ch


Martin Fuchs

I like to create spaces with a lot of care and compassion, where people feel invited to develop themselves further and to discover potentials in themselves, which they have hardly suspected before. A great joy of life, a lot of community experience and a deep connection and love for Mother…


Zoja Begovic

  Movement alchemist, artist and holistic therapist, she combines dance, body psychotherapy, shamanic teachings, sexuality and spirituality in her work and support women to bloom into their higher potential. She is holding therapeutic dance classes, shamanic ceremonies and rituals around Europe and studies Integrative Body Psychotherapy in Croatia. Her passion…


Keli Procopio

Keli is Counselor Professional Expert  with specialization in BreathWork & Watsu, recorded in the S.I.Co professional register. She started her path as a spiritual researcher in 1988, the same year when she became  a devotee  of the mystic Osho. Her spiritual and professional research is focused in experimenting experiences connected…


Lynne Rey

Lynne is an herbalist, artist and holistic health practitioner. She incorporates intuitive listening, nutrition, connection to place and the wisdom of our ancestors in her understanding of healing with plants. Her artistic practices help others, especially women, develop more embodied, magical and interconnected ways of living. She has studied Permaculture…


Mia Brummer

My name is Mia Brummer, born in 1964 and I have been working with alternative healing methods since 1994. As a mentor, I face the challenges of learning every day and putting my knowledge into a form so that I can address each participant in his or her own way…


Knut Nitschmann

“How rich I am, knowing the grace and dignity that is in all that is” …born 1966 in East Berlin, after 38 years followed his heart to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, working as a self-employed carpenter. Handicraft-creative work with mentally ill adults and children. Process work with children and young people who…


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