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Alpine Roses VisionQuest

A magical place in the face of mighty Monte Rosa

The solo period of this vision quest takes you into a vast rocky landscape open to the west and south,with waterfalls, breath-taking views, secret crevices, hiding places, gnarled tree-grand-parents, in a land of shapes and colors … where you will face the star-filled nights of the June full moon!
The alpine roses are blooming a million times over right now, exploding in bright pink and the fresh, incomparably tender green of the abundant juniper and mighty larches contrasts with it in a wonderful way…
And opposite, on the other side of the valley and yet, seemingly, within arms reach, is the white, graceful but mighty figure of the magnificent Monte`La`Rosa, the Ancient Mountain Goddess of the Alps, second highest mountain of Europe! She is our guardian, day after day, waking through the night, saluted by the first sunbeams in the earliest morning, to greet us with transcendental ´rosè` colour, turning to gold within minutes makes us expecting the warmth of day many breaths later…

In times of change and transformation, such a rite of passage makes a significant contribution to clarification, inner orientation and a dignified farewell to the past.
At the same time it describes the courageous path of the ‘hero’, the ‘heroine’ from one completed stage of life to the next, more mature stage.

Be the hero of your own story on the ‘Holy Mountain’.
When in the time of being All-One, you enter the space of unique presence and all the usual things of everyday are vaning and gone- things with which everyday life so often obstructs our view of the essential, we look truth in the face – our very basic own truth…
Preparation and Integration Times
…take place in our Base Camp on Alpe Mecchia near Macugnaga… To introduce you to the best flow of your ritual, we accompany you by nature-based experiencial exercises, nature-meditations and deep ecology investigations of your own.
Our experience of 30 years in that field is at your command, so our conversations in council will reflect on what you bring as your questions, desires, needs! You will have enough time to get to know place, people, conditions, circumstances!  It is our wish creating an environment for inspiring you to empty yourselves from some trash of daily automatisms, clear your thoughts from routined, frozen repetition and support your aspiration to co-create a better, more natural life.
Why will you walk that ancient path?
To find deeper connection to your intuition? Reflecting dreams, delving into silence, activate your physis by breathing and movement exercises, will activate your resilience. Healthy, vegan food, prepared from our permaculture garden in our out-door kitchen, spicy or mellow, asian style or gardener´s choice and home-grown variants, how you´d like it! Returning from the ´Sacred Mountain` you will have a story to tell! You will be in a field of hightened consciousness, of raised communicative abilities, you will be rooted well in your own body! You will carry the Spirit of the Sacred Mountain! Your Eyes will speak truth, your voice will paint beauty, your body will sing humble strength!!!

Circle Council Medicine
The gatherings after we all are back from SOLO will be of immense significance! For You and for the rest of your world your story will be modern Native MEDICINE! All ears open, we will be moved in our hearts and feel that we are in this together! Unity in Diversity, or Diversity in Unity, no questions. Acceptance, hugs, true listening! Truth, Simplicity, Happiness and true FEELING of SELF and COMMUNITY,
carried by the WATER OF LIFE… Welcome on a healthy, naturally resilient planet!




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