• ElemenTerraPeace

Couple-time – being in the flow of life

…at a wonderful place in Tuscany in the most beautiful nature,a wide view to the sea, warm pool, group room and noble rooms: www.sassetaalta.it

…playfully, festively, sensually and in respectful solidarity we want to celebrate life,being happy, that we can be together with our beloved ones… we inspire you through aquatic healing work, rituals creating connection, Hawaiian -Body & -Energy work, attentive and awakening nature experiences (also at the natural beach at the sea)… with dance, play, joie de vivre…
Sitting together in council circle, with essential dialogues on your current couple topics, also in crises and conflict situations we can give you good “tools”. Also concerning questions of generation change, to your personal transitions with children, as parents and grandparents – with creative suggestions, responsible challenges and existential truth search, essential exercises and more from our decades of experience as an older couple….

in Nature -trust your partner

Helen & Shanti im Flow

rediscover your inner child

encounter your partner in water with playfullness and gentleness.

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