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Elemental Immersion – Finding Sense and Unity

VisionQuest means: Landscape permeates your soul!

If you embed yourself for just three or four days in the wilderness of ‘Madre Terra’, surrendering yourself completely to it, HER green face will be reflected in your soul!
From the walls of your everyday life in the world of right angles, your way will lead you out… to where tender green surrounds you, protects you and sends you a butterfly wing that looks at you softly and laughs at you…
You will find her maternal harmony reflected in yourself. Experience your awakening from the terror of daily nightmare.

The normal madness of our suicide culture will slip from your face, you will shed its skin and the bitter illusion will fall off you like a withered leaf…

VisionQuest                                Elemental Immersion
…unique, four healing days
alone… liveliness awakens within you!

When we turn back to Earth, Madre Terra, the rhythm of our whole being changes. Roots and wings become the beginning and end of our being and the driving force behind our actions. The path leads back to the wrapping with the green dress of the earth. You arrive back in your natural state. Find yourself ONE. See in the mirror of nature the change of your face, feel the resurrection of your soul.
It is very simple, because THAT is what you are: a child of the Earth.

You are at home here, belonging and – as you are – unique. 

The EARTH  and NATURAL LIFE needs YOU in your light, your tenderness, with your mindful understanding, your gentle dedication, your irresistable love-power, your  fluid poetry…

Mother Earth has invited you to dance with her, on her and calls you to tune into her melody. VisionQuest! A gift of medicine for healing your heart!
You experience how the earth carries you in unheard silence. You can let go, merge, find your way back to the element of silence within you. Welcome to where you were born and where you will always return to. Earth – Terra Mater.
…it is the song that is sung by the wind in the branches of mighty trees.
Brother Wind, breath of all life. The writing of eternity on the rough surface of the big, timeless old rocks. Friendship is also possible between different species… fragile or sturdy, as they may be…

Element of Friendship

And when you ignite and keep your small, holy fire, you hear the crackling of the light coming into being, how it enters the burning wood, opens and transforms it – just as you renew yourself from the bottom up in this time of All-One-being!
A journey into the reality of the elements. Touched and carried, you are awake enough to experience: a transformation is taking place, in which connectedness returns to the center of the present of your life.
The Quest is an experience of being alone in community.

Earth, plants, animals, water, clouds and stars: they all go with you and accompany you on your way to the Holy Mountain and through the gate of self-experience! When you go out, others also go on their way, alone and connected, just like you.
When you return, a new circle of community opens up and you feel the welcome of a community of simplicity, courage, confidence, bravery and joy. Men with open hearts.
Now you are completely there, completely with yourself.

Ready to celebrate your BEING, CONNECTED and WHOLE…


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