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VisionQuest – Ancient Ceremony with Healing Impact…

…harmonizing human relationships..


The VisionQuest is a pearl from the treasure-box of countless ancient generations of earth-loving people, healers and shamans.

VisionQuest is  also a social encounter, beyond attitude, life without mask! It means to take clear decision: completely withdrawing from the bustle of human routuine and business as usual, ´down in the valley`. After providing a considerate good time of preparation Questers go for that active retreat from community, for a set number of days and nights alone and literally resting at the bosom of Mother Nature. Life is pure and life is good…

Into the Wild

…this means boldly and unconditionally exposing oneself to the free play of the wild elements- within a safely containing framework, held by the VisionQuest team of ´midwives`;  without the comfort of a permanent dwelling – such as a tent, a cottage, a cave, it means letting yourself be nurtured, awakened and chastened by whatever the spirits of wind, weather and landscape have in store for you.

A coming of trust in maturity!

Without the quick grip into the refrigerator, without the reach into the bread box, the evasion into the warmth of a soup plate, hunger loses its gentle pet qualities: growling it eats a hole into the belly of the fasting seeker, until the magnificient landscape glimpses in there and begins to fill the vacuum with its flooding beauty.

After a phase of weakness, new, elemental strength comes from the profound experience of deep belonging and connectedness… you have finally arrived home and connect, accepted in pure presence of being!

To have nothing mundane, everyday style routine to do is a stark challenge for most people. They can only withstand this lasting laziness, feeling vain, if they avoid the pressure, digesting inwardly: to where their own, original memories, feelings and thoughts suck them in. Only the one who pauses, finds hold inside! Man recognizes that nature is a mirror of his inner life: everything is good if you can be good with yourself. Now, with  a calm heart and with cleansed vison of who you are, you are able, to look beneath the surface of things, realize yourself as embedded in adeeper peace of mind…

This is the chance that a VisionQuest is offering.

Return transformed..

When people return from the solo, they see their true image in the mirroring eyes of the peers, who also sat all alone together on the ´Sacred Mountain`, also came back in that uncomparable glory. Faces radiating, talking eyes speaking beauty, transformed profoundly, evolved into something, they have only heard of in their own dreams.

…who are you, when you come back from the ´Sacred Mountain`?

As a VisionQuest of this kind is a search and a finding at the same time, it can take you into facing a deeper truth of yourself! At least you will realize that you are an innate, unique and absolutely integral part of the living Earth, called Mother Nature. You  are, WITHOUT QUESTION, at home in that environment. Realizing this, by heart, is all you need, to return into the valley of daily life, stronger than before…


Come, come, don´t miss your second Birth…


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