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Your path in the wheel of life

  Shamanic Family Constellation &

Integrative Aquatic Therapy (IAT) -translation in work!

…is a systemic family constellation, a deep self-healing process on the wheel of life.

  •  …is sensibly supplemented and refined by Integrative Aquatic Therapy IAT, a bodywork in warm water. This therapy, developed and taught for 20 years by David Sawyer (USA), for pre-, peri- and postnatal traumas and shocks, releases chronic, hidden tension, cold, slackness in all tissue and organ systems, down to the cellular level.
  • …is transpersonal, but individually effective.
  • …opens the perspective on the vast networks of life to which we belong. Relationships become visible in their essential qualities and their significance for the individual, his or her ancestors, those who are now staying, companions, relatives, ‘those to come’
  • …brings light into the dark
  • …touches the roots of family stories, energetic legacies, dramas and injuries, recognizable in all their complexity. Connections to the world and spiritual connectedness to all its living beings are felt, visible and recognized as figures of love. Surprising discoveries reveal the essential in life.
  •  …can touch potentials of power in a special way, uncover long hidden sources of power, let the flow of love become strong and autonomous again; this will help to perceive old relationship patterns that are no longer helpful, to see through them, to transform them into something new. To feel stiffness, tiredness and weakness, to dissolve them gently and patiently, to transform them into increased flexibility,
    into new inner strength. The ‘Stone Heart’ is now free, unleashed, it becomes alive again, warm and compassionate in security and belonging.

Path in the Wheel is a process and solution work developed by Shanti E. Petschel and Helen Heddema-Schulz from the family and systemic context of VisionQuest with young people and their families.

  • … is accompanied by outdoor exercises, meditation and essential dialogue. Musical community experience opens the ability to listen, the breathing and the heart; African drums, gongs, chanting bring rhythm, sound and movement: they help to get into the right mood for the unheard-of.
  • …life is dance!
  • here you will find our training to become a LifeWalker, which is the heart and essential tool to teach how to work with the CreaVista Wheel of Life.

Feedback from participants:

    • B.N.: My path with the matrix of the “medicine wheel” began a few years ago and has been a companion and advisor ever since.  For me it is a recurring process of finding, feeling, resonating, receiving answers, healing opening up of buried and blocked parts of my very own, with which I started the journey into this life. I come to the wheel with questions, I search for myself, I find myself. There is always a resonance in the form of colours, animals, life clock, companions, emotions, in the opposite, seasons, chakras, body energies, which provide information. Often it is about blocked and To make the accumulated things flow, to bring things, people, energies to their right place, so that the balance is restored; to feel what is still to be felt, what had not yet become possible up to that point. The encounter with the Medicine Wheel helps me to grow into a living life and to finally give my inner child, who came into this life with a deep intuition for the “right”, the possibility to finally come into a healing of its own by healing the superior wounded heart.  From my heart and with humility I thank this matrix and the energies, which we, through constant growing and healing, may encounter, participate and use more and more in their originality, in their SO-BODY.  It is always a gift when a door of knowledge is allowed to open and brings light into the dark.
    • THANK YOU!
      L.F.: I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful, profound work, which I was able to experience and participate in…
  • P.K.O. Learning with you and from you has finally brought me into the life I had long yearned for. The stone heart has softened and is radiated with life energy and no longer needs to serve me as a cold, dark retreat. Instead, I have found a place within me that gives me support and security in times when I want to consult with myself. The ears no longer listen outside, but listen to the small, gentle beats of my soul’s wings and the finely animated world around me.



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