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25.06.22 - 16.07.22
13:00 - 15:00
VisionQuest for young people: Maturity Challenge Wilderness
Macugnaga, Macugnaga Piemont

International VisionQuest for young people 2022
`Maturity Challenge Wilderness`

… a Ritual of Quest: Dicover Your Life`s Purpose…
Realize, who you really are ..finding a dream worth living
Since ancient times it has served humans to mark turning points in life. As a rite of passage on the threshold to adulthood, Vision Quest has a firm place in many cultures.
Seminar costs for 21 days of a special kind: starting from 980, – € ( self-assessment – detailed info will follow)
Vegetarian full board and infrastructure costs: ca 390,- € +++ Donation for infrastructure Alpe

Quest-Guides: Helen & Shanti & the CreaVista Team

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20.08.22 - 02.09.22
17:00 - 11:00
VisionQuest Women 2022
“EDEN SANGHA” Graglia Norditalien, Graglia Piemont

The path of “being a woman” –
Wild WomenPower & Soft Femininity

The VisionQuest takes place in the mountains near Netro, above Biella/13900 Piedmont…in a beautiful area full of streams/waterfalls with clear drinkable water…We are guests in  *Eden Sangha*, a small seminar- house at 1000 m altitude with a beautiful view into the wide landscape…

Seminar costs:
800,- € to ? (according to self-assessment)

Additional costs
…own travel by car or train to Biella where we will pick you up, by plane to Milano, then again by train.
Board and lodging:
vegan wholefood cuisine, living in dormitory or own tent, use of seminar house: from 390.- € to ? (according to self-assessment…)
your Quest -Guides: Helen and Silke

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28.10.22 - 02.11.22
19:00 - 13:00
Your path in the wheel - shamanic family constellation
Hotel Orbtal, Bad Orb Hessen

Is a systemic family constellation & Integrative Aquatic Therapy (IAT), a deep self-healing process on the wheel of life.
Is sensibly supplemented and refined by Integrative Aquatic Therapy IAT, a bodywork in warm water. Developed and taught for 20 years by David Sawyer (USA), this therapy of pre-, peri- and postnatal trauma and shocks relieves chronic, hidden tension, cold, slackness in all tissue and organ systems, down to the cellular level.

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