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17.06.21 - 30.06.21
18:00 - 12:00
Alpine Rose Full Moon VisionQuest
Campus CreaVista Armeno, Armeno Piemont

Vision Quest is a Rite of Passage
in ´real`, wild nature.
Since time immemorial people have withdrawn into the wilds of the mountains, fasting solo, self-contemplating. They knew such ceremonies as a powerful way of searching for meaning, selfhealing and for stronger social integration.Read more…

lead by: Shanti Petschel and  Helen Schulz
Enrico Scheider, Carlo Ceria & Team

from € 790.- following your self-assesment   Vegan meals (full board) & Infrastructure: from € 390.-
Italiano flyer Alpine roses 6 – 2021
English Flyer as PDF:
210126 Alpine Roses AAA



07.07.21 - 25.07.21
13:00 - 15:00
VisionQuest for young people: Maturity Challenge Wilderness
Macugnaga, Macugnaga Piemont

VisionQuest for young people 2020 “find your strength”

…a ritual of seeking meaning and self-discovery. Since time immemorial, it has been used by humans to mark turning points in life. As a rite of passage on the threshold to adulthood, Vision Quest has a firm place in many cultures.

Seminar costs: from Sfr 950 to Sfr 1600 according to self-assessment
Vegetarian full board and infrastructure costs: Sfr 360

Management: Martin Fuchs, Vera Caspar/naturgrund.ch , Andreas Föhr
Elders: Helen & Shanti

YouthQuest Flyer download

Read more…

01.08.21 - 14.08.21
VisionQuest Men 2021
Macugnaga, Macugnaga Piemont

“Wild Land & Wild Man” on “Monte Rosa” Macugnaga, Northern Italy

Seminar costs: from Sfr 1050 to Sfr 1800 according to self-assessment
Vegetarian food with infrastructure costs: Sfr 360

your Quest guides: Andreas Föhr, Martin Fuchs & Shanti Petschel

Read more…

01.08.21 - 14.08.21
17:00 - 11:00
VisionQuest Women 2021
Campus CreaVista Armeno, Armeno Piemont

The solo time takes place on Alpe Mecchia, above Magugnaga/Valle Anzasca, opposite the imposing Monte Rosa massif…in a vast and magnificent area full of rivers with clear drinkable water…
…eventually with a concluding day of encounter with the men of the parallel MenVisionQuest…

your Quest -Guides: Helen and Silke

Read more…

16.08.21 - 26.08.21
CreaVista Open Space 2021
Macugnaga, Macugnaga Piemont

Time for everything that brings us joy together and alone:
Doing everything ourselves, woodworking, cooking vegan together, being completely absorbed in nature…singing, drumming, going alone into nature for a WalkAway (a solo time of 12-24 hours), creating Healing Rituals, Massages etc.
multilingual (English, Italian, German…).

More info to follow by your request……

14.11.21 - 20.11.21
19:00 - 13:00
Your path in the wheel - shamanic family constellation
Hotel Orbtal, Bad Orb Hessen

Is a systemic family constellation & Integrative Aquatic Therapy (IAT), a deep self-healing process on the wheel of life.
Is sensibly supplemented and refined by Integrative Aquatic Therapy IAT, a bodywork in warm water. Developed and taught for 20 years by David Sawyer (USA), this therapy of pre-, peri- and postnatal trauma and shocks relieves chronic, hidden tension, cold, slackness in all tissue and organ systems, down to the cellular level.

Read more…

20.11.21 - 26.11.21
LifeChanger Training 2021
Hotel Orbtal, Bad Orb Hessen

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