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17.03.24 - 22.03.24
18:00 - 17:00
Your path in the wheel - shamanic family constellation
Hotel Orbtal, Bad Orb Hessen

Is a systemic and shamanic  Family Constellation & Integrative Aquatic Therapy (IAT),
a deep self-healing process on the wheel of life.
Is sensibly supplemented and refined by Integrative Aquatic Therapy IAT, a bodywork in warm water. Developed and taught for 20 years by David Sawyer (USA), this therapy of pre-, peri- and postnatal trauma and shocks relieves chronic, hidden tension, cold, slackness in all tissue and organ systems, down to the cellular level.

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the financial compensation for this special event at Hotel Orbtal is: 540,- € plus hotel/spa costs

05.05.24 - 09.05.24
16:00 - 18:00
Being in the flow of life - for couples
Hotel Orbtal, Bad Orb Hessen

…at a wonderful place in the heart of Germany – Bad Orb- with warm pool, group room and beautiful rooms:
…playfully, festively, sensually and in respectful solidarity we want to celebrate life, to rejoice in being together with our loved ones…

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10.05.24 - 12.05.24
Hotel Orbtal, Bad Orb Hessen

AFRO & AQUA 2024

a Workshop for Music Enthusiasts and Water-Lovers , interested in Flow and Rhythm

Afro Trommel Set



Watsu in Bad Orb-Shanti





Leitung:  Shanti E. Petschel

Flyer German:221212 Aqua und Afro-FlowCreaVista

14.06.24 - 27.06.24
16:00 - 12:00
"Wild Land Wild Man" VisionQuest Men 2024
Macugnaga, 28876 Macugnaga-Piemont






English Flyer for download with detailed Informations: CCV wild man VQ 23 en

Interview (German) from a recent participant: https://youtu.be/UQOc57-hyyA

Seminar costs: from € 850,- to…  according to self-assessment
Vegetarian food with all infrastructure costs:  400,- €

your Quest guides: Shanti Petschel , https://creavista.org/florian-fulterer/

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16.06.24 - 29.06.24
16:00 - 12:00
Wild WomenPower & Soft Femininity 2024
wird noch bekannt gegeben, Unbekannt

The path of “being a woman” –
Wild WomenPower & Soft Femininity

This women’s summer time with our VisionQuest-offer takes place in the mountains, in a beautiful wooded area full of streams with clear drinkable water … We are guests in a new emerging center, the wilderness school of Christian Mancini with a view into the vastness of the wooded landscape …

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your Quest -Guides: Helen , Corinna Fuchs, Helgard Heller and Team

Seminar costs:
850,- € to ? (according to self-assessment)
Additional costs
…own travel by car or train
Board and lodging:
vegan wholefood cuisine, living in dormitory or own tent, use of seminar house including bathroom, kitchen, Grouproom etc: from 400- € ( tent) to 440,-€ (dormitory)


05.08.24 - 18.08.24
17:00 - 12:00
VisionQuest for adults 2024
Macugnaga, 28876 Macugnaga-Piemont

for women and men on Alpe Meccia

Is it time to serve your purpose on earth with clarity and love?
VisionQuest is an ancient, powerful initiation ritual for life transitions. You immerse yourself in a deep connection with the community, with nature and with yourself. Wild nature is a mirror of your soul. Experiencing yourself in it can give you new clarity about your path in life. Are you facing changes, are you in transition, do you want to invite new qualities into your life? Or do you want to reconcile with the old
to make room for what wants to emerge anew? In dealing with the essentials, your task on earth can become clearer and clearer and you will experience how joyful it is to walk this path for yourself and for the world. That is Vision Quest.
We all want to go our own way AND belong to a community and be loved at the same time. These basic needs are nourished on this shared journey in an authentic and joyful way. The deep personal & shared experience encourages us all to carry this quality of connectedness out into the world, into our families, our work, our love relationships, into politics, into our communities. During the Quest you will spend four days and nights fasting and alone in the magical and wild Alpine landscape.
You prepare yourself intensively and lovingly for four days
for this inner and outer journey in a circle of people who are doing the same. This is an experience that resonates deeply with your being. In the aftermath, we honor and celebrate this great and lasting experience and together we create a formative connection to your future life.
The VisionQuest supports us on our path towards a bubbling joy of life, clarity and love for life! That is why we are always happy to share our experience in this VisionSearch. Is your heart beating faster now? Do you have questions, fears or would you like to experience our enthusiasm even more personally? Then write to us or give us a call. We look forward to meeting you – no matter where you are in life.
You are WELCOME!

 Shanti Petschel https://creavista.org/shanti-e-petschel/ & international Team

Seminar costs:from 850,-€ to your own selfassessment?

Logistic-cost & vegeatarian food: 400,-€

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15.11.24 - 24.11.24
17:00 - 16:00
Change Agent Life - Training 2024

Shanti Drumming 2022

…our very intense and rich time in the italian mountains at a beautiful place:
We will enjoy living close, cooking together, spending time alone and as a group in lush springtime nature, listening to the creeks and the birds….
Learning about the matrix of life: the medicine wheel and experiencing the wonderous messages of Mother Nature…
deepening our potential and skills for guiding others into the Wildernes during a VisionQuest.

Fire-Songs-Drumming 2022

the Formation-Group Easter 2022

More information about the content of the Formation Training, the conditions and the leaders….see:

or write an email: shanti.petschel(at)creavista.org

Here you can subscribe to our calendar of events in iCal format: https://creavista.org/events.ics

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