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Knut Nitschmann

“How rich I am, knowing the grace and dignity that is in all that is”

…born 1966 in East Berlin, after 38 years followed his heart to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, working as a self-employed carpenter. Handicraft-creative work with mentally ill adults and children. Process work with children and young people who have experienced violence in the domestic sphere. Years of experience in vocational training, especially with school and socially disadvantaged young people, have made me understand how futile our bureaucratic soulless procedures are to let us live in real order and peace with each other. Father of one adult son, 2007 MännerVisionssuche at CreaVista Academy, then in training as a Vision Seeker companion until 2014. Several assistances, co-leadings and Master-Quest in Youth and Men-VisionQuest.

Heute eigenständige Organisation, Publikation und Durchführung von VisionQuest für Jugendliche und anderen Formaten in Kooperation mit dem Bund Naturschutz NRW  und anderen Organisationen …lebt mit Frau und Kind hier: gemeinschaft-haslachhof.de

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