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Work-Camp & more, Campus CreaVista Alpe Meccia 2021

Dear VisionQuest- friends, Yeah it’s on! The crowd-funding for the yurt on the vision quest Alpe Mecchia is set up ready! Let the crowdfunding video touch you, remind you, delight you and make you feel connected to what connects us all in the depth of our hearts. Here you can…



Systemic Solutions will replace Systemic Mistakes! Home-made Energy-Technology, Earthships, Vegan Lifestyle, Sane Continuum Culture (Holographic Permaculture), Forest Gardening, Water-Stewardship, Preservation of Biodiversity, Wilderness Landscaping, Rocket Mass-Heater… Some realist and scientifically trained people say NOW is the last chance for Human Culture to prevent a global extinction of life-forms by titanic…


WALK AWAY for Women 2021

MEDICINE WALK  & WALK AWAY As one of the greatest tools to prepare you well for a long visionquest on a solo in the mountains, we offer you the opportunity for taking a one day´s Medicine Walk. The Medicine Walk is a day’s journey — from sunrise to sunset —…