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PermaCulture – Forest Garden – Tended Rewilding

…there is a common notion, that ´Permaculture is some sort of an agri-cultural approach of production of food as acommodity! This is exactly the opposition to what we have found out in a full Life´s Quest to get back in touch with the truth of SOIL!

Rather than the  perfection or even correction of the old paradigm of ´ruling the world` as a way to treat the elements, the land, the soil, the animals and plants in an exploitive way, we support the insight, that the essential need for Biodiversity is pointing the exact opposite direction!

We would like to give impulses here to deal with the principles of permaculture, see flower of permaculture and examples of living permaculture initiatives… what can you implement in your life, according to the motto “act local, think global”



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