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Martin Fuchs

I like to create spaces with a lot of care and compassion, where people feel invited to develop themselves further and to discover potentials in themselves, which they have hardly suspected before. A great joy of life, a lot of community experience and a deep connection and love for Mother Earth and everything that lives and thrives on her support me in this.

Born 1980 in Switzerland into a middle-class family. Both parents are nature lovers, the father a sailor, the mother from the mountains. After a master’s degree at the ETH in Lausanne, I first worked successfully for three years in robot development before a long journey changed everything. Today I am still a talented craftsman and tinkerer and lead workshops in earth building and alternative technologies. Above all, I am an enthusiastic wilderness and vision quest guide, organize nature camps and am intensively involved in community building. I draw from a broad treasure of different trainings and experiences: various wilderness and survival courses, vision quest leader training at CreaVista, several vision quests in different traditions and settings, talking circles, ten weeks of intensive community experience in Tamera and a lot of time in the wild nature of the mountains and forests.


E-mail: fuchs.wave@gmail.com      Phone: +41 76 570 07 48

Internet: www.freieerde.ch


    • PlayFight Facilitator
    • Soft Technologies Engineer: Clay Oven Construction, , Solar Dryer, Earthship Building Assistance (Nepal, 2017)
    • First Aid Outdoor, Outdoor School South, 2017
    • VisionQuest Guide Training, Campus CreaVista, 2013-2016
    • Wilderness Philosophy I & II, Wilderness Centre of the Alps 2014
  • Survival Basic Course, Art of Mentoring, Nature-Life 2012&13
  • Master in Microtechnology, ETH Lausanne 2002-2008

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