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VisionQuest for Men 2020

Vision Quest for Men 2020 “Wild Land & Wild Man

“Monte Rosa” Sat 15.08.15h – Sat 29.08.12h Macugnaga, North Italy

What is Vision Quest?
Vision Quest is a rite of passage in the wild nature. For fasting, solitude and inner contemplation, people have been retreating into the solitude of the wild mountains since time immemorial. They have known such ceremonies as a powerful way of searching for meaning, self-healing and social integration. In times of transitions and change, such a rite contributes significantly to clarification, orientation and a dignified farewell to the past. It describes the hero’s path from a completed stage of life to the next, more mature stage. Once everything is gone that
in everyday life so often obstructs the view of the essential, we look truth in the face – our own truth.
Without a doubt, we men find our strength, clarity, healthy aggression, our subtlety, our authentic compassion and our autonomy in intensive togetherness, in loving confrontation with our sexual comrades. Whoever has once experienced this wonderful, radiant and clear masculinity, which then reveals itself,
if men meet each other honestly and unbiased among their peers, he will find new access to his own inner and outer treasure troves in his everyday life.
What awaits you We spend two weeks in magical wild mountain scenery. A simple little alpine hut serves as protection. When the weather is good, we are usually outside, cooking on the fire, sleeping under tarpaulins and are thus in close contact with the land and the elements. During the first four days the
Nature, the wheel of life and the supporting circle of men, to arrive completely and to prepare yourself internally and externally for the solo time. Four days and nights alone fasting in nature, you leave out everything that distracts you from the essential. A journey that can touch and transform you deep into your cells. Are you ready for it?
In the aftermath we will celebrate your story and together we will create a formative connection to your future life.
Contact for more information & to get to know each other:

Andreas Föhr, Martin Fuchs & Shanti Petschel

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