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VisionQuest for Women

On the Path of “Being a Woman”    Wild Women’s Power  Gentle Femininity

Your personal development journey begins in a protected women’s circle. Together we go in search of tracks, explore our very own quality as women, nourish ourselves at the source of Mother Earth and prepare for a four-day solo time in the mountains.
The journey goes from the outside to the inside, from thinking to feeling, from the head to the heart, from seeing to looking, from hearing to listening… on the trail of “being a woman”… Our journey is carried by the wisdom of the medicine wheel and the deep connection with nature.

Which women benefit from the VisionQuest?
⊕ Young women over 18 who want to be initiated into life as an adult woman
⊕ Women who are facing a big decision: Should I get married, have a child?
⊕ Women who want to find clarity, rethink the meaning and task of their life
⊕ Women who are looking for a full, intense, wild life
⊕ Women who want to rediscover their resources in a dark passage of their life
⊕ Women who want to celebrate the end or the new beginning of a phase of their life
⊕ Women who want to experience being female in a circle of women

Our shared VisionQuest space:

A beautiful teepee place at the edge of an old beech forest in the silence of nature, above Lago d’Orta; with the women’s tents around it, room rentals possible! A natural summer kitchen provides us with the best natural food, help in the preparation and follow-up is included.

4 days preparation-separation phase:
Clarification of your questions, your intentions, tasks alone in nature, group work with the medicine wheel, rituals, singing, drumming, safety preparations, practical work with the earth (forest, nature kitchen).
Vision Quest Threshold Ritual Healing Time Out:
4 days fasting alone in the wilderness, in the silence of the mountains, without food, drinking only the water of the streams, equipped with sleeping bag and the bare necessities, seeking contact with the outer and inner nature.

4 days of follow-up – integration:
Intensive follow-up, story telling and mirroring of the experiences in the circle of women.

Celbrating life in community: Reaffirmation of what has been experienced and preparation for returning home to everyday life.


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