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Your path in the wheel – shamanic family constellation

Date - Time:
17.03.24 - 22.03.24 - 18:00 - 17:00 Uhr

Seminar venue: Hotel Orbtal


Is a systemic and shamanic  Family Constellation & Integrative Aquatic Therapy (IAT),
a deep self-healing process on the wheel of life.
Is sensibly supplemented and refined by Integrative Aquatic Therapy IAT, a bodywork in warm water. Developed and taught for 20 years by David Sawyer (USA), this therapy of pre-, peri- and postnatal trauma and shocks relieves chronic, hidden tension, cold, slackness in all tissue and organ systems, down to the cellular level.

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the financial compensation for this special event at Hotel Orbtal is: 540,- € plus hotel/spa costs

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