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VisionQuest for young people: Maturity Challenge Wilderness

Date - Time:
25.06.22 - 16.07.22 - 13:00 - 15:00 Uhr

Seminar venue: Macugnaga

International VisionQuest for young people 2022
`Maturity Challenge Wilderness`

… a Ritual of Quest: Dicover Your Life`s Purpose…
Realize, who you really are ..finding a dream worth living
Since ancient times it has served humans to mark turning points in life. As a rite of passage on the threshold to adulthood, Vision Quest has a firm place in many cultures.
Seminar costs for 21 days of a special kind: starting from 980, – € ( self-assessment – detailed info will follow)
Vegetarian full board and infrastructure costs: ca 390,- € +++ Donation for infrastructure Alpe

Quest-Guides: Helen & Shanti & the CreaVista Team

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