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Shanti E. Petschel

Shanti E. Petschel,

Grandfather, Mentor, Wilderness-Guide
Potential Development Coach
Prenatal Shock and Trauma Therapist
Director of Campus CreaVista International
Formation – Trainings:

…Vision-Quest Guide, Maturity Challenge
… Shamanic Family Constellation
… Healing Wheel of Life, ´Medicine Wheel`
… Aquatic Bodywork: Watsu & Wata
… Hawaiian and Esalen Massage
… Prenatal Shock and Trauma Sol U tions
Life Coaching, Solo Treatments and Seminars:

… Family Band: Growing Mature
… Medicine Wheel for Family Constellation
… Perma-Culture – Sole U tions, Edible Gardens,
… Invited Wilderness, Wilderness Invitations
… Nourishment through Harmony, Harmonic Voicing
… Chaos Jockey, Path of Happiness through Crises
He has – since 25 years – offered Seminars in many countries, like
Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hawaii, India, Iceland, Chile, South-Africa, Italy, Spain

Skype: shanti.eberhard.petschel
E-Mail: shanti (point) petschel (at) creavista (point) org
Telefon: +39 346 511 06 48

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