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Integrative Aquatic Bodywork IAT

Integrative Aquatic Bodywork

Self-awareness weekend in pre- and perinatal trauma healing

for experienced and beginners in aquatic bodywork…

This weekend offers you the framework and the possibility to get involved in your own process and path…We get to know prenatal movement patterns, practice them in the water & on land and start to understand where these patterns show themselves… and how we can initiate new movements to support development. The early childhood movement patterns play an important role in sensorimotor development. If developmental steps in this area have not been completed or if there have been problems, difficulties can be visible into adult life. In the water we can learn to discover these and react adequately to them. In this way we experience on ourselves and later in the work with our clients how these steps can mature.

So-called holding patterns, which limit the feeling for the self in the body, can be caused by shock and trauma experiences. With targeted movements you learn to let go of them more and more. David Sawyer calls his work, which he developed from WATSU & WATA, IAT: Integrative Aquatic Therapy. He writes: ” You will, equipped with more process understanding and new tools of this self-healing and powerful work, go into your WATSU sessions”.


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