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VisionQuest Women 2023

Date - Time:
22.08.23 - 04.09.23 - 16:00 - 11:00 Uhr

Seminar venue: "EDEN SANGHA" Graglia Norditalien



The path of “being a woman” –
Wild WomenPower & Soft Femininity

The VisionQuest takes place in the mountains near Netro, above Biella/13900 Piedmont…in a beautiful area full of streams/waterfalls with clear drinkable water…We are guests in  *Eden Sangha*, a small seminar- house at 1000 m altitude with a beautiful view into the wide landscape…

Seminar costs:
800,- € to ? (according to self-assessment)

Additional costs
…own travel by car or train to Biella where we will pick you up, by plane to Milano, then again by train.
Board and lodging:
vegan wholefood cuisine, living in dormitory or own tent, use of seminar house: from 390.- € to ? (according to self-assessment…)
your Quest -Guides: Helen and Team

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