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Shamanic Aquatic Bodywork – Agua-Alchemy

Shamanic Aquatic Bodywork – Agua-Alchemy

An inspiring  workshop,  led by Helen Ananda & Shanti, Eberhard founders of IAKA-Germany since 1993

What does it mean to experience the Shamanic aspect of AB in this 50–hours seminar?:

Water is one of the main elements in Nature, as we all know…&  the most important, because life itself creates new life in water… we will initiate you Into our holistic view of AB, including all elements of Nature, finding the interconnectedness of earth, water, fire and air within ourselves! (With practicle exercises in Nature…)

We combine  our Nature-Healing –Work, – which we do on land – (in Vision-Fasting, Medicine-walks, Natur-based Ceremonies, Healing-work with and in the Wheel of Life (medicine wheel)- with the potential of Integrative Aquatic Therapy ( inspired by our Teachers Dr. David Sawyer & Dr. Annie Brook, by William Emerson, Peter Levine, Prof. Gerald Huether, Semu Huahute, a.o.) Also inspired by our Trainings in Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork: LomiLomi Nui (with Susan Painiu Floyd & Dr. Serge Kahili King from Hawaii)

We will work in water & on land with the potential & resources of each of you individually…. finding your unique strength and beauty and gifts, you share with the world…

Together we will explore  the developmental movements of life on land and in water… (inspired by Annie Brook & Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen), empowering our own cellular memory, of what we experienced once in the womb of our mother. We’ll find that these natural movements of expansion-contraction, pulsing, waves, serpents, circles, spirals- fractale movements…are all seen & experienced in an unfolding and „freeing the body“-Aquatic Session. We will explore together the magic of the immanent healing power inside of Aquatic Bodwork:  Touch with full awareness, intention, heart, peacefull mind, connected with the breath of life itself… in Harmony with our inner & outer natu


re, which we will celebrate during our time together. The whole human aspects: mental, emotional, social, tranpersonal will be touched by our Seminar and you will get  new insights & perspectives, empowered, enriched and filled with enthousiasm for the wonderful work we share.

Quotation from the article “Source of developmental movement” of Shanti Petschel:

“We cannot apply Aquatic Bodywork and expect opening, flow & re-bonding without re-activating the early traumata.

Aquatic Bodywork of any origin must accept the reality of cellular memory in order to stay supportive towards the expansion of healthy, creative movement from the inside out. When we take ourselves to the source of personal evolution by moving in the water and addressing the early movement-patterns, we should be ready to accept the basic laws of move-mental evolution. Aquatic Bodywork can be much more than just another way of Water Relaxation or Aquatic Wellness, if the eye of the beholder is open to just see.   We cannot hold the space for such profound healing, unless we embody the principles of save evolution, by solving our own integration problems towards it. Since the prenatal movements of any level of development are so essentially basic and do formulate the principles of the individual’s movement-physiognomy and character, there is no way to go through a process of opening the whole being of a client in the extremely powerful setting of AB, without touching the inward inhibitions, traumas or shocks. We could call a place of inhibited movement “frozen tissue”. This means any cellular memory that keeps the movement- range on a lower level of freedom than offered from the “natural potential” of the same uninhibited movement.

Vibration, pulsation, undulation, waving etc. appear limited, under-supported, “too cold”, without any intrinsic presence. Any tissue in the directly addressed place and the connecting and connected areas are affected in direct or reciprocal resonance: either in the holding, rather protectional “high tone” or “collapsing” into numbness, inactivity, limitation. Getting away, leaving the body in absence, un-sense or nonsense are reactions of clients that do not feel the save container of the practitioner inviting them to stay present for the healing…”






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