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Easter Module CreaVista Change Agent 2022

LIFE-Transformer: Why this training?

“There is a language that is older and deeper than words.
It is the language of bodies, of body to body,
wind to snow, rain to trees, waves to stone.
It is the language of dreams, gestures, colors, symbols & memories.” Derrick Jensen
The CreaVista LifeChanger training is, in our time of immense change, urgently needed to face the current eco-social problems of the present with meaningful, life-enhancing and practical answers. It is an experiential learning process aimed at close, immediate experience and social relevance and activates the essential, elementary and fundamental life forces and development potentials of human beings. This education goes deeper than language, enlivens the profound understanding of the interconnectedness and brilliance of terrestrial life in the play of the elements.
Your lens opens our eyes to the questions Living Earth asks of us – but also to our human capacity to respond mindfully, lovingly, and joyfully, in a way that is deeply accountable to all. We cannot force the future. We can make it possible by unfolding ourselves into our life-enhancing potentials. We flourish, blossom and bear fruit …

Our modern way of life thus develops from a problem to a blessing for man, environment and fellow creatures! From sleepwalker, over dreamwalker to lifewalker.
For whom?

We address people who are looking for meaning of life, awake presence and meaningful change in their lives, for healing effectiveness and ecological relevance for their everyday private and professional being and acting. People who are in spiritual awakening, who want to flourish and blossom and have begun to search for their calling – beyond a job. For this they want to grow, become mature, get to know themselves better and heal old wounds. They want to take full responsibility for themselves and their world. They may already be working in the therapeutic, psychological/educational, or ecological professional fields and are expanding their eco-spiritual awareness, seeking a competent, more vibrant expansion of their field of activity in order to participate in a future worth living for future generations. They are concerned with relevance in being and their called participation in the life-saving, social transformation processes!

However, “lays” are also in demand, who want to educate themselves into this field out of healthy curiosity, a growing sense of responsibility and inner strength. They recognize the necessities for a lasting and radical change of our human everyday behavior, our culturally anchored and by routines ingrained behavior patterns and institutional structures that have become impersonal. They are ready to put their heart power into their deepest concerns and life visions and to invest all their life energy for the preservation of creation.How to do?
LifeChanger, companion in life transitions

Our training formats:

→ Short and weekly seminars

→ Ongoing training groups

→ Internships and long-term placements

→ work camps

→ Counseling

The training extends over a total of two to four years and comprises approximately 90 teaching days (depending on the main topic) which are experienced in different settings (self-experience of the methodology, internships, basic seminars, job shadowing, assistantships, master project, etc.). In addition, there are periods of intensive self-study. Media and Literature.
The participants of the training should experience the CreaVista Life Changer methodology on themselves, use it for their own development and learn to apply it appropriately, safely and independently as inspirers for groups. In doing so, it is important that through openness in one’s very own process, potentials unfold in equal measure, mature and become integrative to a sustainable basis for powerful, healing and sustainable work. Without personal and professional authenticity, no one achieves positive relevance!

Heart concerns
The central concern of this training is to awaken awareness for the vitality of nature and to develop the Ecological Self. This means a profound change in the perception of the self, the “not-self” (the living world) and the ways of communicating constructively, cooperatively and non-violently in these relationships. This, along with an understanding of the current social, ecological and economic context of each individual, is essential grounding for this work.

We will do the coming Easter Module Formation Training as well in this excellent place, see the pictures:

Feedback Easter Module Change Agent- 2019 CAMPUS CREAVISTA SOLUTIONS

..our very intense and rich time in the mountains at a beautiful place: Eden Sangha/Graglia/ Northern Italy – a peacefull retreat-center, with a eagle-like view over the landscape….

We enjoyed living close, cooking together, spending time alone and as a group in lsuh springtime nature, listening to the creeks and flowing waters….

Learning about the matrix of life: the medicine wheel and experiencing the wonderous messages of Mother Nature…

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