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LIFE CHANGER: Why this training? “There is a language that is older and deeper than words. It is the language of bodies, of body to body, wind to snow, rain to trees, waves to stone. It is the language of dreams, gestures, colors, symbols & memories.” Derrick Jensen The CreaVista…


Shanti E. Petschel

Shanti E. Petschel, Grandfather, Mentor, Wilderness-Guide Potential Development Coach Prenatal Shock and Trauma Therapist Director of Campus CreaVista International Formation – Trainings: …Vision-Quest Guide, Maturity Challenge … Shamanic Family Constellation … Healing Wheel of Life, ´Medicine Wheel` … Aquatic Bodywork: Watsu & Wata … Hawaiian and Esalen Massage … Prenatal…


Helen Ananda Heddema-Schulz

I stand by my life as a mature woman full of enthusiasm for the fact that we humans continue to develop our consciousness and our actions in order to appreciate and protect life on this wonderful earth, because we can only protect what we know and love! I love a…