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SymBIOasis 2022: Year´s Celebration ALPE MECCIA


We invite: all friends of the CreaVista Academy, all former questers of the past years, all companions, students of the life-changer training, all their parents, friends and partners, all colleagues from the network, friends of the Alpe Meccia and of course also the owner of the Alps Meccia and Sonobierg, who has become dear to us, our ancestor (she is soon 82!) Rita Lanti, …
After more than 25 years of VisionQuest Ceremonies all over the Alps, now again for a few years mainly concentrated on our most important, really excellent place high above Macugnaga, we would like to round up this year with a creative, festive joyfulness in great gratitude!

Period: between August 8th untill 20th, 2022
Several profound and powerful quests and other life-affirming rituals will take place up there this year as well, and there are good reasons to create a harvest thanksgiving celebration of sorts!
…a colorful, intimate time for All that brings us joy together and alone:
…we celebrate a very simple life up there in pure, oxygen-rich air, with crystal-clear drinking water in all the nearby streams and springs. The motto: do everything yourself, woodwork, firewood, for cooking and warmth in the evening, cook together vegan and spoil each other culinary, get to know and use wild herbs, completely absorbed in the incomparably beautiful, vast nature… Walks to the ancient tree giants, excursions into the rock labyrinth, reading tracks, training Natural Movement, singing, drumming, playing together, daring real encounters, experiencing deep and funny conversations, testing trusting closeness, activating the joy of life in everyone and everything, exchanging body work and massages…
also: to go into nature all alone for a WalkAway (solo time 12-24 hours) with expert, ritual accompaniment.
This time is also highly recommended for people who have already participated in a VisionQuest, in order to connect with the field and possibly go out into the wild land once again for a short solo (see Walk a Way)… but also for interested and adventurous people who want to take a first step towards getting to know and mindfully perceiving our CreaVista work and the supporting spirit…
…or simply as a time-out, a vacation from lockdown or separation stress, which is simply allowed to dissolve here and now in the free, wild nature!… the feeling to escape from the everyday life with the permanent overload in these challenging times and to dive only into BEING, into FEELING and NOTHING – HAVING TO!
multilingual (english, italian, german…)
More information will follow on request…
Accompaniment and inspiration: Shanti, Helen, Andreas Foehr, Petra Benedikt, Jeanne Caspar, Martin Fuchs and Team

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