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Alpe Meccia 2021

Dear VisionQuest friends, Yeah it’s starting!
The crowdfunding for the yurt on the Visionsuche-Alpe is ready! Let the crowdfunding video touch you, remind you, delight you, and make you feel connected to what connects us all in depth.
Help us buy a yurt and build it on Alpe Meccia to have a beautiful, held space for our vision quests. This link will take you to the crowdfunding page with our video and lots more information about our crowdfunding project: https://www.ecocrowd.de/projekte/jurte-alpe-meccia/
Together we can really reach a lot of people! And with that our dream becomes reality.
We are very happy if you support our project financially. Small and big contributions are very welcome and valuable. Please share this  with as many friends and interested people as possible. Start right now and forward it to the first 5 people.
Do you want to participate actively on site? In the week from June 8th to June 13th we will be at Alpe Meccia, preparing the place for the Vision Quest and enjoying it. You can find all further information in the pdf attached.
Feel free to forward this as well. Ideal also for people who like to be active and want to get to know us, our work and the place. Here the PDF for more information in German language, please ask for english infos!:
Work-Camp Alpe Meccia 2021 with infos


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