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CreaVista SymBIOasis Open Space 2022

Date - Time:
16.08.21 - 31.08.21 - 12:00 Uhr

Seminar venue: Macugnaga

Time for everything that brings us joy together and alone:
Doing everything ourselves, chopping wood, cooking vegan together, being completely absorbed in nature…singing, drumming, going alone into nature for a WalkAway (a solo time of 12-24 hours), creating Healing Rituals, Massages etc. multilingual: English, Italian, German…
More info about conditions, logistic, prices… to follow by your request…

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Info: for some strange technical reasons, the link “read more…” shows the article in german instead of english. After clicking on “read more…”  just click on the english flag in the menu to get the english version. Sorry!

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