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International Men`s Quest „Wild Man Wild Land“

Datum - Zeit:
27.09.24 - 10.10.24 - 15:00 - 10:00 Uhr

Seminarort: wird noch bekannt gegeben


in English & German language

…in a pristine landscape next to the Cerentino National Park in Emilia Romagna on the place of Christian Mancini, see: Casa Elementare (San Piero in Bagno)


with Shanti Petschel and  Christian Rauland & assistants

…this is a CEREMONY for the realisation of self-respect, a pilgrimage for truth and on the deeper understanding of the preconditions of PEACE.

this ancient ritual of the visionquest is taking the pilgrim on a journey to himself. The wild landscape, we chose for these 12 days of clarification and rising awareness is full of wildlife and beauty. The adjacent Cerentino National Park is famous for its incredible biodiversity and we will have access to a pristine and lonesome valley for our solo-time. There are golden eagles & in the autumn time you can listen to the roaring deers far in the forest….







finanzieller Ausgleich: ab € 850,- bis 1500.- nach Selbsteinschätzung
Vegetarische Voll-Verpflegung mit Infrastrukturkosten: Jurte als Gruppenraum, 2 Tipis,
Out-door Küche und Outdoor-Bad/Toiletten, Wohnen im eigenen Zelt:  € 400.-

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