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Sym:Biosion Month-Long Open-Space

Datum - Zeit:
02.01.20 - 02.02.20 - 12:00 Uhr

Seminarort: Centro d'Ompio


Sym: Biosion Month-Long Open-Space

The Fool On The Hill, Sees The World Spinning Round – Co – Create a `Vista Communal!

Casa Felicina, Lago d´Orta, Northern Italy

This is an invitation! Feel free to ask, come and share your Vision…Come to share quality time with old & new  friends, or risk the adventure of making new ones… within a full month of exploring human living in Simplicity, Harmony, Truth and Joy! This could be the place for our own coming-out…
Let us playfully explore the Nature of Reality and connect with our experiences, insights and visions in a relaxing way, moving thru the pressing question of today, living into some brand-new answers:
How do you contribute to a sustainable, loving and ecologically sound and sane world?

How do you envision mutual support, how can you help to find the ´right questions, retrieve fragments of the elemental answers, construct new passages through the jungle of the unknown…  Can we develop a hyper-complex understanding of the Soulutions needed?

Come for at least 3 days and live with us your questions – your dreams – your visions…

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