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Reuben Piet

My area of focus: using nature as a mirror, base to draw forth Personal and Group
Potential/Development. This includes a whole range of Experiential based Activities.. Teambuilding,
Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Nature based Ceremonies – Rite of Passage and Visions Quests, Group Facilitation, Customized Courses, Urban PermaCulture and Personal Resilience Courses.
Short testimonials:
Firstly, we would love to acknowledge you for the continuous commitment, dedication, hard work, openness, love of the mountains and the work that Educo Africa does. How can we also not mention most importantly your contagious Free Spirit that you bring at all times to the Educo Africa family.
SEED: Your work and Social Processes were perceived as an absolute life changing experience by Our Students.
“We find ourselves at such a critical time in the evolutionary process of Humanity. “Re-connecting”
people with Nature and creating spaces for us to connect with the essence of our very own nature, is such an important aspect and need of this time.”

Reuben Piet has been actively working in the Youth and Community Development Sector for the last 15 years and has specifically focused on Outdoor Experiential based Facilitation/Guiding over the most recent 10 year period He has worked extensively within the borders of South Africa and brings deep nature connection to the process of facilitation. Through his work he’s had countless opportunities to travel abroad for various international Wilderness Guides Conferences. The Vision Quest for Global Youth Leaders with the School of Lost Borders, in California in 2010 was a turning point in his work. He attended the 2015 Applied Permaculture Training at SEED, and holds a PDC certificate.
“I’m driven mostly by Curiosity and Creativity with a deep Love for People and the Planet. I’m also a very capable Musician, Singer-Songwriter and enthusiastic Reader of just about anything that stretches beyond the conventional”

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