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Keli Procopio

Keli is Counselor Professional Expert  with specialization in BreathWork & Watsu, recorded in the S.I.Co professional register.
She started her path as a spiritual researcher in 1988, the same year when she became  a devotee  of the mystic Osho. Her spiritual and professional research is focused in experimenting experiences connected to the breathing, meditation and Watsu, integrated with the regenerating benefits of water.
In the same period, she attended Shiatsu professional courses at the Traditional Medicine Center in Milan and Rebirthing courses at the Milena Screm Institute, in order to deal with the teaching of both practices.
At the beginning of ’90, her encounter with Harold Dull and other different teachers, was decisive in focusing her interests on Aquatic Bodywork. She was educated by its creator, as Watsu and Tantsu teacher.
In 2000 she  collaborated with a team of other teachers,  in the opening of Watsu Italia, the first Italian WABA-Training Institute.
She took part in the founding of Osho Circle School, a Commune and  Meditation Center, where she lived for 15 years.
Since several years she works as a supervisor in prestigious SPA in different tropical sites. In there she collaborates offering trainings and coaching for the SPA staff members.– she teaches Basic Watsu, Watsu 1, 2 & 3 -Trainings, Breath for Watsu, Emotional Process, Tantsu-Yoga, Bodywork on land




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