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Carlo Ceria

   Carlo Ceria (* 04.11.1993)
will be our young assistant, CreaVista-Student, Guitar-player, passionate musician and passionate handyman and gardener…he is an inner and outer World-Traveller…
„After travelling the world for a few years and discovering different cultures and traditions, I am now settled in my homeland, near the alps of northwest Italy. I did many experiences of inner work such as the Vision Quest, family constellation, nature reconnection, permaculture and sustainability, in the direction to reconnect with the Great Mother and find new ways to relate in the human/ nature relationship. I’ve been part of the Creavista team since 2018
Along the way I also started to work with wood and construction, as well as with children and youth, bringing them the chance to experience handwork and nature crafts and to gain both practical and spiritual tools.“

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