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VisionQuest for adults 2020

Date - Time:
02.09.20 - 16.09.20 - 17:00 - 12:00 Uhr

Seminar venue: Campus CreaVista Armeno

“Natural power for you & the world” at the Lago d’Orta” Armeno, North Italy

Is it time to serve your purpose on earth with clarity and love?
VisionsSearch is an ancient, powerful ritual of initiation for life transitions, which supports us on our way to bubbling joy of life, clarity and love of life!

Management: Andreas Föhr
Assistance: Lea Sonderegger, & Luca Mini, accompanied by the elders Shanti Petschel & Helen Schulz

Seminar costs: from Sfr 1050.- to Sfr 1800.- according to self-assessment
Vegetarian meals and infrastructure costs: Sfr 290

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